Map Downloads

First, a note about copyright.

In the UK, royalty free copying of copyrighted material is allowed only under certain conditions. These are laid down in the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, and a summary may be viewed here. In essence, copies may be taken for the following purposes:

  •   Research and study
  •   Criticism or review
  •   Reporting of current events
  •   Parody, caricature and pastiche
  •   Quotation

In Italy the situation is quite different (details here). Most importantly there is no concept of fair use or fair dealing so that any reproduction of any part of a copyrighted work is likely to be a contravention of the Civil Code. That said, many Italian web sites use small sections of the IGM maps to record routes taken by walkers, mountain bikers and climbers, and the IGM appears to be relaxed about the practice.

We have always tried to play fair with regard to copyright and we recommend you do the same. We always purchase paper maps from the copyright owners before digitising sections to load into our GPS units (ie we don’t copy maps from other web sites unless they are out of copyright and we don’t buy maps second hand) and we never scan, copy or digitise complete works.

To avoid copyright issues altogether one can make use of OpenStreetMap – either directly or via sites which are based on the OpenStreetMap data such as MAPS.ME.

Typical walking map courtesy of Bruno Romiti

Sample custom maps for Garmin GPS

Listed below are a few custom map samples that have been tiled so that they can be uploaded to a compatible Garmin GPS via Garmin’s BaseCamp software or directly via the Windows File Explorer.

We strongly recommend that any custom maps are placed on an SD card and not into the GPS’s internal memory. Indeed, we’d further advise that the SD card be loaded whilst it’s in a laptop or desktop machine and only then placed in a GPS. Neglect this advice and sooner or later your GPS firmware will be corrupted and you’ll be left with an expensive doorstop!

Examples for you to download: