Common wall lizard

The following table has been extracted/translated from the “Atlante degli anfibi e dei rettili della Toscana” and shows the relative rarity of the various reptiles to be found in Tuscany.

ReptilePercentage (%)
Common wall lizard19.4
Common viper12.2
Field lizard12.0
Grass snake9.8
Ringed snake8.2
Green lizard6.2
Tarantolino (gecko)4.9
Hermann’s tortoise3.5
Common gecko3.2
Aesculapian snake3.0
Italian three-toed skink2.5
European pond tortoise2.5
Slow worm2.3
Warty gecko2.1
Smooth snake1.9
Four-lined snake1.8
Dice snake1.4
Southern smooth snake1.2
Caretta turtle1.2
Marginated tortoise0.3
Leatherback sea turtle0.3
Red eared pond tortoise0.2
Greek tortoise0.1
Green sea turtle0.02