Common Toad

The following table has been extracted/translated from the “Atlante degli anfibi e dei rettili della Toscana” and shows the relative rarity of the various amphibians to be found in Tuscany.

AMPHIBIANSPercentage (%)
Common toad13.5
“Green” frogs12.0
Apennine frog9.5
Executioner newt8.1
Italian cave salamander8.1
Spectacled salamander7.0
Alpine newt6.0
Smooth newt5.3
Sardinian discoglossus toad4.9
Dalmatian frog4.4
Italian tree frog4.0
Fire salamander3.9
Green toad3.1
Yellow bellied toad2.8
Apennine Sardinian tree frog2.5
Ambrosi cave salamander2.3
Common frog1.5
Strinati cave salamander0.2