External view of cinema in Villafranca

There are two cinemas in the upper Lunigiana – Cinema Manzone in Pontremoli and Cinema della Città di Villafrancan at Villafranca Lunigiana.


This cinema forms part of the comune’s cultural complex which also includes a small exhibition and convention centre. It’s located in the centre of the town a short distance from the railway station and has plenty of (free) car parking nearby. The auditorium is modern, pleasant, airy and comfortable.

Internal view at Villafranca


This cinema is a bit of a flea pit located in the corner of Piazza San Francesco. It’s a warm and friendly place, though, with a particularly loyal (somewhat elderly) clientele. A particularly attractive feature is the regular screening of operatic works from famous theatres (notably the Royal Opera House in London and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York).

Cinema Manzoni, Pontremoli