Book List

Here are some books worth taking a look at if you’re interested in the Lunigiana:

  • Kinta Beevor: “A Tuscan Childhood”, W&N, 2015
  • Gordon Lett: “Rossano (An Adventure of the Italian Resistance), Monte San Martino Trust, 2001
  • Brian Lett: “Italy’s Outstanding Courage: The Story of a Secret Civilian Army in World War Two”, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018
  • Brian Lett: “SAS in Tuscany 1943-45”, Pen & Sword Military, 2011
  • Douglas Orgill: “The Gothic Line (The Italian Campaign, Autumn 1944)”, Curtis Books, 1967
  • Eric Newby: “Love and War in the Apennines”, Picador, 1971
  • Eric Newby: “A Small Place in Italy”, Picador, 1994
  • Wanda Newby: “Peace and War: Growing Up in Fascist Italy”, Picador, 1992
  • Robert Hann: “SAS Operation Galia”, Impress, 2009
  • Laurence Lewis: “Echoes of Resistance (British Involvement with the Italian Partisans)”, Costello, 1985
  • John Kendrick: “Alejandro Malaspina: Portrait of a visionary”, McGill-Queen’s University Press 2003

There are of course many other books about the Lunigiana – most, however, are written in Italian and concern culinary matters or bookselling!